Association of Family and Conciliation Courts - Wisconsin Chapter
President, President-Elect, Secretary, Treasurer/Co-Treasurer

The Finance Committee oversees and monitors the fiscal operations of the Chapter. The
committee is composed of the Treasurer (chair), President, President-Elect, and 1-2 other
members. Duties include budget creation, daily finances, annual event registration, contact with
parent organization for coordination of membership dues, obtaining insurance, and devising
investment policy. The Finance Committee is responsible for ensuring all legal reporting
requirements are met, maintaining appropriate nonprofit status and complying with all federal or
state laws and tax requirements. The Finance Committee helps the Board of Directors
understand the Chapter’s financial health, ensures the Chapter assets are protected and oversees
financial record-keeping.

Committee Members:
Lynn, Galbraith-Wilson, Co-Chair
Daniel Bestul, Co-Chair

The Nominating Committee is chaired by the immediate Past President, one member from the
Program Committee, one member from the Membership Committee, and 1-2 other members.
The primary charge of the Nomination Committee is succession planning. The Nominating
Committee is responsible for cultivating leadership and recruiting members to the Board of
Directors by soliciting nominations for the BOD, soliciting nominations for Officers, meeting
with committee chairs to identify potential leaders and recruiting, screening and recommending
potential leaders to fill BOD vacancies. This committee should meet a minimum of twice a year.

Committee Members:
Josie Cusma, Chair
Mike Dwyer
Graham Wiemer
Nina Bartell

The Program Committee is responsible for planning the WI Chapter annual conference. In
consultation with the BOD, the Program Committee chooses the conference topic, speaker, and
venue, and shall obtain necessary AFCC parent organization approval. The committee is
responsible for all conference details, including the date, menu, materials, name badges, speaker
contract, transportation and lodging, conference publicity, staffing of registration and book sales
tables, conference evaluations, obtaining CEUs, etc. In conjunction with the annual program, the
Program Committee will coordinate the speaker dinner and annual members meeting. The
Program Committee will coordinate with the Finance Committee on the conference budget and
to facilitate conference attendee registration.

Committee Members:
​Dolores Bomrad
Shelby Brandsma
Josie Cusma
Cathryn Daniels-Kriss
Sally Danner, Chair 2019
Sheryl Dolezal
Kylee Ernst
Lynn Galbraith-Wilson
Heidi Gahr
Christine Harness, Chair 2020
Gregg Herman
Theresa Kelly-Arnes
Sharon Koski
Lindsey Kujawa
Nancy Mills
Tricia Walker

In consultation with the BOD, the Education Committee plans and coordinates educational
opportunities other than the annual program, to members and non-members. Such events may
include ½ day programs, outreach programs, webinars, Family Court Services forum events,
breakfast or brown bag lunch activities, etc. This committee accepts member proposals for
educational activities and discussion groups for vetting and for recommendation to the Board for

Committee Members:
Cathryn Daniels-Kriss, Chair
Shelby Brandsma
Dolores Bomrad

The Membership Committee is responsible for recruiting new members and retaining current
members. The Membership Committee creates procedures for communicating with new
members and follows up on lapsed memberships. The committee keeps membership informed
and involved by planning member events and socials for networking and recruiting. The 
committee updates the member directory. Along with other committees, the Membership
Committee communicates with membership regarding the quality of AFCC WI programming.

Committee Members:
Graham Wiemer, Chair
Toni Vacca
Daniel Bestul
Mike Dwyer
Nina Bartell
Josie Cusma
Korey Lundin

The Communications Committee is responsible for establishing and maintaining methodology of
promotion and communication to the members through newsletter publication, listserv and
website maintenance, and other technology. Each committee is responsible for communicating
their own news using the resources of the communication committee. Members are encouraged
to submit articles for consideration for publication in the newsletter.

Committee Members:
Josie Cusma, Co-Chair
Shelby Brandsma, Co-Chair
Tom Walsh
Korey Lundin
Gregg Herman
Toni Vacca
Kip Zirkel
Ken Waldron

The Resource Development Committee supports the growth and development of the Chapter
through sponsorship, fundraising, scholarships. This committee is responsible for solicitation of
scholarship applicants, review of applications and recommending scholarship recipients. This
committee is tasked with soliciting event sponsors and planning other fundraising activities to
promote special projects and member benefits.

Committee Members:
Carlton Stansbury, Chair
Sally Danner
Lynn Galbraith-Wilson
Dennis Milbrath
Beth Froelich
Maureen Goldblatt
Regan Hendrickson
Ryan MacGillis
Ginger Murray
Megan Stoltz

The Policy & Procedures Committee is responsible for creating, implementing and managing
internal Chapter policies in order to provide historical context and provide structural continuity
for the future. Such policies include, records retention, who may access confidential financial
information and how, Dropbox maintenance/invites, etc. The committee will communicate all
relevant policies and procedures to the new Executive Committee to promote stability of
leadership and communication of responsibilities. The Policy & Procedures Committee will
ensure compliance with any new policy and procedures implemented by the AFCC parent
organization. The committee will review Chapter Bylaws annually and recommend changes or

Committee Members:
Mike Dwyer, Chair
Dolores Bomrad
Josie Cusma

Consists of all past presidents who are current members of AFCC WI